Recycling Laws in the USA

Approximately 360 million tonnes of garbage are produced in America, is what a recent survey states. Solid waste is estimated at 100 million tonnes recycled per year and increases yearly. The Waste Management Law does not play a big role in resource recovery and resource conservation. The recovery rate is only about 30% and significantly less than most other countries. Market forces drove the managing waste by recycling before the solid waste legislation of state and federal laws.
Paper drives was often held in the collection of paper and scrap metal dealers bought metal scrap before solid waste law was implemented. Waste management is regulated by the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and covers a recycling legislation and solid waste legislation. Open dumps are abolished and guidelines are set in place for managing waste, both solid and hazardous waste management.
Recycling was still not encouraged earlier despite the title RCRA carried and they concentrated more on waste management than recycling. During the 1980’s the two states, New Jersey and Rhode Island took a comprehensive approach towards recycling as they had a shortage of land available for landfilling of solid waste and hazardous waste materials. In the 1990 Rhode Island even built a special facility for the processing of recyclables. Other states followed suite and the state legislation stipulated that recycling must fall into different categories, namely, providing recycling opportunities to states, planning for recycling or mandatory source separation.
Many states however do not fit into any one of those three categories, such as Wisconsin without any recycling goals. Landfilling is instead banned and the State rewards governments with good recycling habits, without making it a law. A national recycling goal was set at a very low 35%, with some states such as Massachusetts reaching an astonishing 70% of recycled waste. Other state goals are set at 50% recycling of waste in order to drive all states in the US to actively participate in waste recycling for proper, economical, efficient and safe waste management.